How to get there

Based on geo-magnetic-magma-shiftig the NORDPOL (northpole) is currently located at following adress:

Münsterstraße 99
44145 Dortmund

You can get there by
public transportation:
take the underground railway U47 from central train station. Get out at stop “Münsterstraße”, take the stairs to the right, follow “Münsterstraße” for 50 meters and turn half left into “Kleine Burgholzstraße”. After another 50 meters cross the “Mallinckrodtstraße” at the pedestrian light and go straight into the pedestrian area “Münsterstraße”. The NORDPOL is located on the left hand side after only 10 meters. Look out for violet lights.
walk from central train station to NORDPOL within 15 minutes. Check the map below for directions.
To get there by car leave the A45 at the exit “Do-Hafen”. Follow “Mallinckrodtstraße” until you get into a 30km/h-zone and try to get a parking spot somewhere.

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